Rates & Services

How much do I charge?

That’s like asking how much a house costs. It depends. That’s why I always start by offering a FREE one hour consultation. This is the essential first step that gives me the necessary information to offer you a realistic idea of my fees. Our time together also gives you a risk-free chance to size me up. Perhaps most importantly, our first hour together allows me to show you exactly how my services can save you money on total project costs? usually big money.

I have spent 30 years as a successful renovation contractor, builder and real estate investor (with references to prove it), and I have seen every trick in the book. This experience equips me to:

  • Define complete project scope
  • Determine return on your renovations investment
  • Help develop your vision for the completed project
  • Suggest designers who are just right for your job
  • Suggest competent Contractors
  • Provide pricing and budgeting ideaa
  • Work with your designer to keep cost within your budget
  • Help couples come to a consensus on specific building issues
  • Obtain necessary permits and variances at Comity of Adjustments
  • Negotiate and communicate with contractors
  • Perform quality inspections during renovations
  • Mediate disputes with contractors
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